Stanley Home Inspections  Certified Home Inspectors.


At Stanley Home Inspections in Falling Waters WV we can help you to identify issues with an existing home. While some of the things pictured may seem insignificant to many home owners and even potential home buyers they can generally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair and replace. In most cases requiring licensed Home Inspectors, Electrical, Plumbing, or General contractors to address in order to insure the repairs are made properly and to prevent further damage or injuries.

I personally have over 30 years of direct hands on experience in Home construction, Sales, and home renovation. My experience with traditional stick built, modular, and panel or component homes including many historic homes has given me insight and knowledge allowing me to identify problem areas. I have personally supervised renovation projects and gained experience with historic stone, brick, and traditional block, poured, and precast foundations through hands on experience.


 I generally schedule the inspection Mon-Fri. The average Inspection takes between 2-4 hours.             I encourage my clients to meet after the initial inspection in order to provide a walk through discussing my findings and any concerns they may have which I will review and typically E-mail a written report with-in two business days.


              *WV License #2304-9118*

*I have exceeded National testing requirements*

I base my pricing on the size or square footage of a home, approximate age, location, and apparent condition of a property. Pricing may vary depending on residential and Historic buildings, Additions, and attached or detached Garages.


 who should make repairs?

 Generally most experienced Home Inspectors, Carpenters, Electricians, and Plumbers would not recommend attempting some repairs if you have no training or experience in the given field or task you may consider undertaking.

 A seemingly simple repair can sometimes require specialized experience, tools, and knowledge that is not generally known by the average home owner or D I Y. That is why having a Certified home Inspection is so important to everyone considering buying or selling a home.

 Providing a concise written report and if possible meeting on site after the initial inspection to discuss any concerns is highly recommended.