Stanley Home Inspections Certified Home Inspections.

Thinking about buying or selling a home?

  One of the first things you should consider after making the decision to buy or sell a home is having an Inspection performed by a Certified Home Inspector. An Inspection will give you more information regarding a homes apparent condition allowing you to factor in any major deficiencies or safety concerns and may provide you with information regarding the normal home maintenance requirements so you know what to expect. At Stanley Home Inspections  Certified Home Inspections are highly recommended.

 If you know what to expect after purchasing a home such as maintenance issues, major or minor repairs needed these may be factored in over the course of the first few years possibly avoiding unexpected expenses which may not be considered otherwise. After all a home is probably the most significant purchase you will make so having an inspection report with information on a given residence can be very helpful when making the decision to buy or sell a home. 

 Before you place a deposit on a property contact at least 3 Inspectors and ask for information and approximate pricing based on the size, age, apparent condition, and locations of properties you may be considering. Providing M L S #rs and listing agents for details on a property. This will allow you time to decide when to schedule an inspection which should be coordinated with placing a deposit on a home so the inspection can be completed in a reasonable time after you are under contract. Generally a home purchase contract includes a contingency on an Inspection and any findings allowing you to negotiate pricing or negating the contract without the loss of any deposits made. Although not currently required it is strongly recommended having a Licensed and Certified Inspector perform this service. Keep in mind an Inspection is to help you get to know your Home.

Do 's And Don't s

Do ask for any Home Inspection literature and business cards when meeting with your realtor...

Don't be discouraged if Inspection literature is hard to find, generally most Realtor agencies have information for a listing of all licensed Home Inspectors in your area. Or visit Internachi.org Find an Inspector. Local listing are also available in the White/Yellow Pages under Home Inspections.

Do find an Inspector you feel will provide the type of Inspection report you can understand and makes since to you personally. Unfortunately no standardized report form is required leaving some to produce 30-40 page reports.

Don't waste paper; I have written books before;print only when needed. Stay Green...