*Certified, Licensed, and Insured. 


*Personally having over 30 years of   experience in the construction field.

Stanley Home inspections Certified Home Inspectors in west Virginia.

Stanley Home Inspections Certified Home Inspectors and Inspection Services in WV.

 Stanley Home Inspections in Falling Waters WV is Independently owned and operated, having a Professional Home Inspection License and Certification! Addressing visible deficiencies and safety concerns associated with home buying or selling needs. Providing a concise written report for traditional stick built, modular, and historic residential buildings within two business days. 


 The inspection report will help you to identify visible deficiencies or safety concerns with a new or existing home. My report will also provide information and insight enabling you personally to better discuss concerns or negotiate with a given individual or Contractor.

What's Included in my inspection:

  I provide a written report on observations made the day of inspection including the exterior of the home, land/grading/drainage, roofing, guttering, siding/brick/stone, and accessible crawl space or foundations. A representative amount of windows, interior doors, and all exterior entry doors will be inspected. The interior including accessible attic's, interior rooms, Kitchen/Baths, H.V.A.C. or heating systems, Electrical service, visible wiring and Plumbing, additions and basements. Also separate and attached Garages, Guest House and other structures (carports, porches) excluding storage sheds unless specifically noted. I focus on readily visible or apparent safety issues and major deficiencies of a residence or home.

Excluded; are pools, hot tubs, spas, and steam rooms. These items are in most cases seasonal and after owning an in-ground pool and spa myself for 20 years I recommend that a certified pool/spa specialty service company provide evaluations and service in order to avoid additional charges for an inspection. Generally Pool or spa service companies charge for an evaluation and may offer a solution and installation including warranties not available through most inspection companies. 

 I will however look at the safety aspects for these items during my inspection and note concerns at no charge. These safety concerns are limited to visible electrical issues, and the lack of safety features such as fences, and gates with no locking devices which is a major safety concern for anyone owning a pool or exterior spa or hot tub. Note; you may also receive information from a Local Pool/Spa specialty company regarding local and state requirements. It may be required to have safety devices including audible alarms on all entry points, also an alarm for the pool itself is recommended for small children. New pools generally must have these features and although not currently required for existing pools it is recommended these safety features be added for obvious reasons and should be considered when purchasing a home with an existing pool or spa.

Fences, property lines, and set backs are not in the scope of my inspections. For a complete list of the Standards of Practice I conform to please visit www.InterNachi.org also use the find an Inspector feature on this site to compare services and pricing. I encourage all of my potential clients to do their home work so they feel they've made an informed decision. Please feel free to contact me any time during your search for a new home or if you are thinking about selling your existing home after all as an Inspector I am working directly for you the home buyer or owner and hopefully my information will help you make the best decision possible.